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Hello! My name is Laura Tran. I am a average seventeen year girl who is trying to find herself in this world. I am a life enthusiast, animal lover and a amateur photographer & blogger. My blog is a documentation of my life, I hope by following me, I can show you who I really am.
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September 7th, 2014 // Senior Buddy Photoshoot

Hello friends, happy Sunday!
My friends and I spent our Saturday taking our senior buddy picture! Our day started at 9:00am when my friends Tiffany and Helen came over to get ready with me. We went shopping at Forever 21 on Friday to choose our outfits, our theme was maroon, black, and cream. I can’t believe how well our outfits matched together - it was perfect! After getting ready, we all hoped in my car and drove to our photoshoot (which was at a park). I was the driver and I had four people in my car; my sister (who was the photographer and my friends: Tiffany, Helen, and Alexis. We followed the GPS to some weird sketchy place and spent about 30 minutes wondering around trying to find this park! It turns out we were at the wrong place! So we had to reroute and continue driving then after 5 minutes we finally found it! We were so happy, the park was absolutely beautiful and what made it even more special was that there was a mini shopping center located by it with restaurants and stores! We spent an hour taking our senior buddy pictures and I absolutely loved all of the pictures! They turned out perfect! Here are some of them! Side Note: All of my pictures from yesterday is on Flickr if you guys would like to see more :) imageimageWe also took this opportunity to take more senior pictures!After a long day of non-stop picture taking, we were pretty hungry, so we decided to stop for lunch at this amazing Thai restaurant. The food was so delicious! After lunch we drove back to my house, Alexis had to leave for work, but Helen and Tiffany stayed over at my house to chill for a while. Helen left around 5 then it was just me and Tiffany. Tiffany and I went on this beautiful hike for an hour or so then we got back to my house for some pizza and Black Ops! Overall, I had a very fun and busy day! I’m so glad my photoshoot went very well and that my friends loved their pictures! Anyways, thank you so much for reading everyone! I hope you guys are all doing well!

Take Care,

Here’s my summer in a nutshell! I can’t believe its over. This summer went by so fast wow. Overall, I had a great summer! I’m ready to take on my senior year! Goodbye Summer 2014! :) 

Goodbye August and Hello September!
Can you guys believe it? Summer is officially over…I’m so sorry for the lack of blogs this month, I promise I will try to blog a lot more in September! But, August was a good month for me and I am so excited to share with you guys my August recap, so lets go! 

Favorite moments/events in August: 
- Union Station w/ Tiffany, Helen, Alexis, and Mikhal + Getting caught by the police on the RTD. 
- Bear’s 2nd birthday. 
- Making over 31 saves. 
- Photoshoot with Tiffany + Alexis. 
- Taste of Colorado (I will talk about this in a separate post). 
- Hanging out with my photo buddy; Elizabeth and Austin. 
- Random photoshoot w/ Helen & Tiffany. 
- Cheesecake Factory w/ my family.
My worst moments/events in Aug:
- Saying goodbye to my coworkers at Water World (I will make a separate blog post about this). 
Favorite song(s)/artist(s).
- Chandelier by Sia. 
- Baliando by Enrique Iglesias. 
- Save Rock n’ roll by Fall Out Boy.
Favorite App(s):
- Pumpup (I love this app so much, it is so motivating!).
Favorite TV Show(s):
-Finding Carter 
-Big Brother
Future goals for September: 
- Get in shape!
- Don’t procrastinate!

That is all for August! I am so excited for September because on September 14th, I’m leaving for my 2 week vacation! I’m going on a cruise for a week then Florida! I CANNOT wait! 

Upcoming post(s):
- School update. 
- Water World recap. 
- A collage of my summer. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope everyone is having a good day or night! 

Take Care, 

August 6th, 2014

Hello friends, Happy Wednesday!
Today was a fantastic day! I went to registration with my friends and I have to say my schedule this semester is not bad at all! After registration my friends and I drove to the RTD station to take the light rail down to The Union Station. Basically The Union Station is like an airport, but instead of traveling on a plane, you travel on a train. It was recently remodeled and they opened up a ton of new restaurants and shops. We wanted to go there to explore and of course eatimageOnce we got there, we were all so confuse we didn’t know what was going on. There was so many people carrying suitcases and I was literally so confuse (I didn’t realize The Union Station was a train station until later) it literally felt like an airport! It was absolutely gorgeous inside and there were so many different shops! After walking around and exploring all the different options, my friends and I agreed on this place called “Acme.” They mainly sell burgers and brats. I got a veggie burger (of course) with some fries, not the healthiest, but hey it was delicious. imageimageAfterwards, my friends and I spotted an ice cream place called “Milkbox.” It was so cute! I loved this place! I got a waffle cone with Coconut Almond Fudge. Mmmmm it was soooo good! At this time it is around 2ish and our friend Mikhal had to be home around 5 so we took a group photo and said goodbye to The Union Station. Taking the light rail back was just an epic fail. My friends and I decided not to pay the fee to go back because we thought no one was going to check our ticket and usually no one does, but OH YEAH THEY DO. It was at the stop before ours when a police officer came on and checked everyone’s tickets, not gonna lie I panicked a little. Luckily, he was nice enough to let us go, but man I felt so bad! Shout out to Helen, she did the majority of the talking for us hahah. 

That is all for today, thank you so so much for reading! I hope you guys are all having a wonderful day/night! I will talk to you guys all very soon! :) 

Take Care,

Tonights OOTD. 
Top // PacSun 
Shorts // Guess
Kimono // TJMAXX 

New blog post tomorrow :) 

Goodbye July, and Hello August!
*sigh* Where is this year going?! I can’t believe we’re already in our eighth month of 2014. Literally July went by SO fast, I cant. I have to say though this summer is going by so fast. July was a good month and since it’s the end of the month you know what that means - my monthly recap! Here we go! 

Favorite moments/events in July: 
- Spending The Fourth of July with family + taking my senior pictures. 
- Receiving $15 for finding this guy’s wallet at work. 
- Getting picked by my favorite lead to guard doing the after swim. 
- Roadtriping with Tiffany & Alexis to CSU. 
- Being done with inservice. 
- My mini vacation to Grandlake. 
- Making 20 saves. 
Favorite song/artist: 
- Shawn Mendes
- So Big by Iyaz
- Already Home by A Great Big World. 
- Take Me Home (Acoustic Cover) By Bebe Rexha. 
Movies watched in July: 
- The Purge: Anarchy (This movie was SOOO good! It is so much better than the first one, I highly recommend it. It is not scary AT ALL). 
- Non-Stop (This one was eh). 
Favorite TV shows: 
- Teen Wolf (This season is absolutely phenomenal). 
- AGT 
- Big Brother (This show is so addicting). 
- Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 
- Finding Carter. 
Future Goals for August:
- Finish my summer homework. 

Well, that is it for my monthly recap. I only work two weeks in August work then we move to weekends. I can’t believe how fast this season is going. In a way I’m excited for August because it’s my senior year and I know it’s going to be the best year yet. I can’t wait to see what new adventures August will bring, so August please be good to me! 

I am currently working on two new vegan recipes that should be up sometime this week! I hope everybody is having a great day/night so far, thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you all very soon! 

Take Care, 

July 27th, 2014 // My first roadtrip + going vegan?!


Hello my tumblr friends! Happy Sunday! Sorry this post is up so late :( I really wanted to get this up a lot sooner, but I haven’t had the time to work on it. But basically my friends and I went on our first road-trip together. On Friday, my friends (Tiff & Alexis) and I drove an hour and a half to Fort Collins, Co. We signed up for a campus tour of Colorado State University, and since none of our parents were able to take us, I volunteered to drive us all there.

Here is our timeline: 
- Our campus tour began at 9am and since it takes an hour and a half to get there we left the house at about 7:15. The drive wasn’t bad at all, we pretty much took the highway all the way there. 
-We got to the university around 8:30ish and ended up being 10 minutes late because none of us knew where we were going. 
- We finished our campus tour around 11 in the afternoon and afterwards my friends and I drove 5 minutes to downtown Fort Collins for lunch. 
- We ate lunch at this pizza place called Beaujos, Tiffany & Alexis shared a pizza while I had a big bowl of salad. 
- Before heading home we stopped to get some cupcakes at this cupcake bakery called ”Butter Cream Cupcakery.” 
- We said goodbye to Fort Collins at around 12:30, then it was time for us to drive back home. 
- The ride home was probably the best part of the entire thing because all of us were all awake so we were kinda hyper. We hit some pretty bad traffic so we spent the entire time catching up.
- We got home at around 3 and immediately Alexis had to leave for work while Tiffany chilled at my house. 

Overall, my first road trip was a complete success! It was really cool seeing the scenery transition from the city to the country side in the matter of minutes. After touring CSU I can honestly say I’m 100% sure which college I’m going to go to, and its not CSU. Eventhough, CSU had a great campus and life seems great there. For some reason, I didn’t feel like CSU was the college for me. I am so glad I went on this trip because not only did it give me a sense of clarity, but I was able to see my friends again after a long break. 

Alright this next topic is completely random, but I’m thinking about going vegan. I’ve been watching a ton of different youtubers who are vegan for the past week now and this lifestyle seems really great. I mean I’m already a vegetarian so this transition wouldn’t be too hard for me. I think my main concern are my parents. I don’t know what they are going to think about this because they were just starting to be okay with me being a vegetarian. My plan is to try it out for a week (starting tomorrow) then decide whether or not I want to stick to it. If any of you guys are vegan and that is reading this then please help me! I would appreciate any tips on staying vegan and getting your parents to be okay with this lifestyle! 

Thank you to anyone who read this entire thing, I hope you guys are having a wonderful day or night and I will talk to you guys all very soon! :) 

Take Care, 

Grand lake recap! (July 18th-21st)

Hello friends, happy Tuesday ^___^ 
I’m so sorry for the lack of blogs lately, I just got back from my summer roadtrip to Grand Lake, Colorado. I was out of town for about four days. I left the house on Friday afternoon and just got back yesterday morning. This post is going to be a recap of my entire trip, so I hope you guys enjoy!

Friday, July 18th - The majority of today was spent in the car. After my stepdad got home from work, which was around 4 we packed everything onto my stepdad’s truck and left for our two hour road trip. It was me, my sister, my stepdad, my cousin, and my dog. My mom didn’t want to go because she “hates” camping. We arrived at Grand Lake around 9 o’clock because of the terrible traffic. Once we arrived we checked into our cabin then it was time to go and get some food because all of us were pretty hungry. We ended up eating pizza because all of the restaurants were close at this time. 

Saturday, July 19th -
imageSaturday was a pretty chill day for us, we woke up around 8 o’clock and attended this pancake breakfast downtown then we hung out at a park nearby. Afterwards, we put on our swimsuits and headed to the lake. Since the water was freezing cold, I ended up not swimming, but instead we rented a paddleboat. My cousin and I paddled while my sister sat in the back. We did that for about an hour, then my cousin and I went to get lunch while everybody else stayed at the lake. After getting lunch we went to get some ice cream at this adorable ice cream shop called Polly’s. I didn’t feel like eating ice cream so instead I got a slushy! My cousin and I wanted to go in the hot tub so we did while my sister, my stepdad, and my dog took a nap. For dinner we went to this restaurant called EG’s the food was absolutely delicious! Not to mention the waiter was cutie pie and that concluded day 1 of our trip! 

Sunday, July 20th - 
imageI absolutely loved loved today, in the morning my cousin, my step-dad, and I went on a beautiful hike. The trail that we went on didn’t allow dogs, so my sister had to stay back to watch Bear. We hiked up to a water fall called “Adam falls” and took some amazing photos. Throughout the hike, I got to see some pretty incredible sceneries! Afterwards we went back to our cabin to shower and get ready for lunch. We ate at this cafe called Blue Waters and since there was a parade today we stayed and watch for a while. Then, we just hung out  around downtown. After our long morning, we went back to our cabin to rest and waited until it was dinner time. For our last dinner we ate at this bbq and grill type of restaurant, I forgot what it was called but the food was so good! We ended our night with a bonfire and whats a bonfire without s’mores?! We also had to pack because we were leaving first thing in the morning. 

Monday was spent driving home. I was very happy to finally see my mom again! Overall, I had a great trip and it’s all thanks to my wonderful stepdad ! Without him none of this would’ve been possible! I am not ready to go back to reality, but I’m so glad I got to take a break for a little while.

Anyways, I can’t believe July is almost over…wow…I hope you guys are all doing well! Thank you so much for reading! To see all of my pictures from the trip please go and check out my flickr page!

Take care, 

July 6th, 2014
Hello friends! This post is a little bit late, but I hope everyone had a great fourth of July! I spent the entire day with my family. First, we went to a field of sunflowers and wheats to take my senior pictures (huge shoutout to my stepdad for taking these pictures because he did such a wonderful job) I seriously love every single one of these pictures and it’s going to be so hard choosing just one. Afterwards we went out to eat then we went to the park to watch fireworks! I’ve never actually realized how much I miss seeing the fireworks until this year and I can’t wait to see them again! :)

I will be posting all of my pictures from my photoshoot to my flickr, so if you’re interested in seeing them please go check out my flickr (Click here). 

Anyways, I know this post was short, but I wanted to do a quick update. Thank you so much for reading and I will talk to you guys all very soon!

Take care,

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